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Dimple restaurant was founded in 1988 as a mom-and-pop restaurant on Oak Tree road. With its’ location in the heart of an ethnic-centric population in Edison-Woodbridge area, the vision was simply to create a home-style environment that was well-suited to have great back-home conversations and provide eclectic meals at an affordable price. After 25 years of fine-tuning, product development, and delivering food consistency, our small eatery experiment of the eighties has now grown into three hugely successful restaurants under the banner of Dimple’s Bombay Talk. It also has operating affiliations with two other growing enterprises. Adapting to the strong market trend in the nineties, we quickly added take-outs/delivery of party trays serving 50-500 people, and offering on-site catering with themed food stations. From these locations we currently serve over 5,000 to 7,000 customers each week.


We are defined as a fast-food and casual dining restaurants that specifically deliver varied tastes of India. Today, our restaurants continue to offer a stimulating atmosphere, and deliver freshly cooked meals of exceptional taste and innovative recipes. It has also successfully popularized the concept of fusion food by blending Thai and Chinese flavors. This breath of quality menu and attentive service inspired Condé Nast to recognize Bombay Talk as a must-eat place in USA for mouth-watering Indian food. Our location and creativity were featured twice in New York Times as well.


Listening to our broad customer-base, we believe an exciting business opportunity has emerged – a need for delivery of Indian lunch “thali” options. Accordingly, we have recently expanded by adding a new state-of-the-art kitchen operating from a convenient location on Route 27 in Woodbridge Township. From here each day we will deliver freshly prepared lunch combos to large and mid-size office complexes via cafeterias. This facility is equipped and staffed to prepare 2000+ meals daily and ensure its’ timely delivery by scheduled lunch hours. We offer all our clients the ability to customize and vary the daily menu to ensure recurring purchases.


Our Edison-Woodbridge based company continues to be owned and operated by the same founding family and enjoy strong market share and name recognition. Given our financial and operating commitment to the region and experience with the community, we feel partnering with us will greatly enhance loyalty from your customers. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs including lunch menu, delivery requirements, on-site catering and long-term business relationship options.


From our family and staff, we thank you for considering our meals for your customers. You can contact us via phone at 609-558-4568/732-986-7081 or email at bombaytalk@gmail.com.

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